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Forklift Operator Training 
OSHA Requires It - Operators Are Safer With It

Forklift Operator Training That Meets or Exceeds OSHA Requirements

Training for Class I, II, III, IV, V Powered Industrial Trucks
Pallet Jacks, Electrics, IC, Narrow Aisle, Sit Down Riders

Our safety training program “Concepts of Safe and Efficient Driving” consists of classroom training, provided through formal instruction, audio-visual presentation, group discussions and a review test.  After completing the classroom portion the instructor will perform a pre-shift inspection of a piece of equipment with the class while walking around the lift. During this time the instructor will point out the data plate and how to properly use the information that is provided by the manufacturer.  Then the instructor will set up a course where he will observe the participants as they demonstrate their skills of proper and safe operation. At this time the instructor will be working one on one with your employee to promote the proper operation of your equipment and overall driving skills.  More time will be spent with less experienced operators until the instructor feels the operator is comfortable performing all of his job requirements. The training will be held at your facility whenever possible.  The trained operator will receive a Certificate of completion and a laminated wallet size driver’s license.

            The idea is that your operator has been properly instructed on safe and efficient use of your equipment. They have been observed and instructed on every aspect of their daily operations or job requirements. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Safely parking a Lift Truck
  • Safe traveling speeds and distances
  • Smooth stopping
  • Forks at correct height when traveling
  • Smooth operation of controls
  • Proper use of horn
  • Proper propane handling
  • Proper battery care and maintenance
  • Picking up a load
  • Stacking a load
  • Procedure for loading/unloading tractor trailers
  • General OSHA procedures for use of Powered Industrial Trucks
  • Being aware of pedestrians
  • Proper maneuvering around blind corners

Operator Training can help prevent product damage, property damage and or personal injury. A trained operator is a safer operator. Please call us today to schedule training or allows us to help clear up some of the gray areas to OSHA Powered Industrial Truck regulations.

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